"Receiving information about mistakes made was better received by students when the information came from the device than from the instructor." (Misztal-Okońska et al., 2021)

Which Manikin is Right for You?

In previous articles, we’ve discussed why it’s essential for CPR educators to broaden their appeal to focus on specific groups such as children or potential bystanders. While it’s crucial to understand the benefits of carrying out this training across more varied corners of the community, it’s equally important to ensure you’ve got the right equipment. With that in mind, this article breaks down the individual benefits of each Brayden product in order to support you in determining how to choose the best, guideline-compliant CPR manikin for your BLS training programs.

Adult Manikins

The huge impact that correct and timely CPR can have on the survival rates of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCAs) is something every CPR instructor is well aware of. The crucial work conducted by healthcare educators and professionals, as well as community CPR instructors, teachers and other groups, substantially impacts the well-being of the most at-risk members of society up and down the country. Educators can further enhance the success of this endeavour by ensuring they choose the right CPR manikin for the task at hand.

A study has shown that access to top-quality CPR training has a significant and lasting impact on those engaging in resuscitation performance. The study, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH), found that immediate electronic-based feedback, either from the manikin itself or from an attached device such as a tablet or laptop, played a crucial role in solidifying the skill set in the learner.

To quote the study: “receiving information about mistakes made was better received by students when the information came from the device than from the instructor” (Misztal-Okońska et al., 2021). Clearly, this is a crucial consideration when deciding which CPR training manikin is best for your organisation.

Brayden Advanced

Utilising an innovative network of LEDs, users can assess in real-time how effectively their compressions are distributing oxygen to the brain. In a study conducted by the Resuscitation for Medical Disciplines at the University of Birmingham, students reported models were more realistic and easier to use than non-electric alternatives, with learners saying that “the lights were very useful” and that they “reinforced compression depth & rate,” while 66% of instructors reported, “the illumination was useful when teaching.”

Brayden Pro

This model comes with the same interrelated sets of LED lights but is supported by Brayden Online – a free app that offers quality real-time feedback on CPR performance when connected via an IOS tablet.

Brayden Online provides a scalable CPR training solution that’s as simple as it is effective. Whether you’re an independent trainer running small classes or work within a larger organisation, Brayden Online excels at providing in depth feedback on CPR performance.

Not only does it benefit from the sophisticated ability to analyse data, allowing trainees to interpret their CPR performance quickly and easily, it’s also easy to customise and use and allows you to export user data for analysis. Brayden Online achieves all of this while integrating seamlessly into your existing Learning Management System (LMS) to make adapting to a new, efficient CPR training model accessible and straightforward.

Brayden Online’s feedback is entirely objective, providing analysis on compression, ventilations and hand position. Individual, in-depth results for each CPR cycle can be reviewed in a performance summary, to aid the continuous development and retention of CPR skills.

an iPad showing brayden online

When it comes to deciding which CPR training manikin is right for you, Brayden adult manikins are a ubiquitous choice that can be applied to numerous different situations. Whether first responders, community groups, hospitals, and education centres, the combination of Brayden Online, along with the hyper-realistic design, allows CPR skills to be attained to the highest professional standards.

Paediatric Manikins

Brayden Junior Advanced

An easy-to-use conversion kit for the Brayden Adult Manikin, the Brayden Junior provides a cost-effective solution for educators looking to conduct both adult and paediatric CPR training.

The components include face and chest skin representative of a 10 to 12-year-old boy and replacement compression springs with around half of the resistance strength of the 40kg required to simulate the necessary compressions on an adult. As with the Adult Advanced, the Junior Advanced features the innovative LED system to display the flow of oxygenated blood.

Brayden Junior Pro

The Brayden Junior Pro contains every feature present in the Advanced model but is also fully compatible with Brayden Online like its parent model, the Brayden Adult Pro.

Both the Junior Advanced and Junior Pro manikins are cost-effective and easy to convert, reducing storage and carry weight, which are important criteria when choosing the right CPR manikin for a community trainer who is often on the road. Furthermore, the manikin is fully Guidelines compliant and, by utilising Brayden’s advanced sensors, it can be switched between AHA or ERC guidelines as required.

Infant Manikins

While less common, the annual incidents of infant cardiac arrests may be greater than expected. In the U.S., there are between 8-10 annual cases per 100,000 persons, while an estimated 15,000 children receive CPR for cardiopulmonary reasons during hospitalisation each year. The outcome is generally poor, with fewer than 10% of patients surviving to hospital discharge, with survival rates for OHCAs falling yet shorter.

Brayden Baby Advanced

The Brayden Baby resuscitation manikin is designed to help First Responders learn and deliver high-quality infant CPR with speed and confidence to help maximise survival chances. Furthermore, they’re one of only a handful of accurate, infant-sized CPR manikins on the market, making them the perfect option when choosing the right CPR manikin for infant BLS, European Paediatric Immediate Life Support (EPILS) and Paediatric Advanced Life Support (EPALS). Brayden Baby Advanced can also be used for Newborn Life Support (NLS).

It was developed in close collaboration with world-leading experts to provide real-time, objective feedback on crucial parameters within infant CPR. As with all Brayden Manikins, it features an innovative light system displaying blood transmission to the brain and lungs, helping educators and students to visualise the efficacy of their CPR.

Brayden Baby Pro

As with the Brayden Adult and Junior models, Brayden Baby Pro features every element of the advanced model but is also able to work in tandem with the Brayden Online App on your iOS tablet. Similarly, to the Adult and Junior Pro models, CPR training can be cost and time efficient. By accessing Brayden Online’s Self Directed Learning solution, users can self-learn, self-assess and self-certify, all while integrating with existing LMS and data management systems. This eases the administrative burden of running BLS programmes for larger cohorts of trainees.

Optimise your CPR training using Brayden Manikins

If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of each type of Brayden manikin, full brochures can be downloaded from the product pages for the Adult, Junior and Baby manikins. Alternatively, stay up to date with handy tips for CPR trainers, as well as industry announcements, by taking a look at our news page.

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