Training Manikins for
Paediatric CPR

Our Brayden Junior CPR manikin conversion kits will meet your budget needs for a low-cost child CPR trainer.

Students will develop and hone their paediatric CPR skills to quality, Guidelines compliant standards.

Brayden Junior Pro

Real-time, quantitative feedback on key paediatric CPR parameters via the Brayden Junior manikin’s connection to Brayden Online makes for a truly immersive and retentive learning experience. Accurate performance feedback on chest compressions and ventilations can be reviewed and analysed to help improve the quality of CPR.

Brayden Junior Advanced

A conversion kit to transform your Brayden Adult Advanced manikin into a fully Guidelines compliant paediatric CPR manikin. Three interrelated sets of LED lights give real-time feedback on CPR performance – Depth, Rate and Recoil.