Training Manikins for
Infant CPR

Infant cardiac arrest happens rarely, which is why it is all the more important for both family members and healthcare providers to know how to respond in this uniquely critical emergency.

Our Brayden Baby resuscitation manikins will help first responders to learn and deliver quality CPR with the speed and confidence necessary to optimise chances of survival. Our Brayden Baby Pro and Brayden Baby Advanced CPR training manikins provide comprehensive feedback to the learner on the quality of their CPR performance in preparation for real-life cardiac arrest events.

Brayden Baby CPR manikins are ideal for paediatric BLS, EPALS and EPILS.

Brayden Baby with iPad-Cutout
Brayden Baby Pro

Developed in close co-operation with global experts, Brayden Baby Pro provides real-time, objective feedback on key parameters of infant CPR. Performance feedback can be reviewed and analysed for a quality debrief.

Brayden Baby Advanced

The first infant CPR manikin with real-time visual feedback using intuitive lights for good quality ventilations and chest compressions. Brayden’s advanced sensors, which can be switched to AHA or ERC Guidelines as required, detect and analyse the effectiveness of CPR – Depth, Rate and Recoil.