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Anyone can learn CPR. Anyone can save a life.

Two simple convictions at the heart of our award-winning range of Brayden manikins

designed to make CPR… Easy to Teach and Easy to Learn.

Whether you’re a Healthcare Professional, a First Responder or a Bystander attending a person suffering from a cardiac arrest, Brayden CPR manikins ensure that all who have trained on them will remember how to perform high quality CPR when it matters.

It's a life-long skill
What's New

Brayden OBI

Brayden OBI has been designed to help improve out of hospital outcomes from cardiac arrest. It is an inclusive CPR training manikin representative of a black adult male that is both anatomically correct for quality ventilation and compressions training.

Developed in collaboration with global key opinion leaders, it is our hope that Brayden OBI will help promote community engagement with Basic Life Support (BLS) training and thereby increase levels of bystander CPR, which is such an important link within the chain of survival.

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Revolutionizing Self-Directed CPR Training at Severance Hospital – The First Customer in Korea using Brayden Online

Severance Hospital, a leading institution in South Korea, has embraced Brayden Online 's cutting-edge solution as its first Korean customer. Together with WeComet, they are setting a new standard for CPR education, enabling medical staff to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies. 
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What people are saying...

I believe the Brayden manikin represents an important and innovative advance to help ensure effective CPR competence upon which all successful resuscitation is based.

Professor Andy Newton

Consultant Paramedic, UK