Inclusive CPR training

Anatomically correct

Objective feedback

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Illuminating Quality


Builds confidence

Aids skills retention

Maintains competence

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LMS integration


Objective CPR

Improving CPR technique



Live-stream CPR training
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Anyone can learn CPR. Anyone can save a life.

Two simple convictions at the heart of our award-winning range of Brayden manikins

designed to make CPR… Easy to Teach and Easy to Learn.

Whether you’re a Healthcare Professional, a First Responder or a Bystander attending a person suffering from a cardiac arrest, Brayden CPR manikins ensure that all who have trained on them will remember how to perform high quality CPR when it matters.

It's a life-long skill
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  • High throughput BLS training
  • Self-Directed Learning (SDL)
  • Assessment & Certification
  • LMS data integration
Emergency Services
  • Maintain competency
  • Self-Directed Learning (SDL)
  • Remote Classroom Learning
  • Adapt to any curricula
First Responder
  • Learn the basics
  • Build confidence
  • Performance feedback
Training Centres
  • Remote classroom training
  • Customisable CPR programs
  • Performance feedback
  • Assessment & Certification

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Revolutionizing Self-Directed CPR Training at Severance Hospital – The First Customer in Korea using Brayden Online

Severance Hospital, a leading institution in South Korea, has embraced Brayden Online 's cutting-edge solution as its first Korean customer. Together with WeComet, they are setting a new standard for CPR education, enabling medical staff to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies. 
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What people are saying...

I believe the Brayden manikin represents an important and innovative advance to help ensure effective CPR competence upon which all successful resuscitation is based.

Professor Andy Newton

Consultant Paramedic, UK