Self Directed Learning

Brayden Online as a Self-Directed Learning Solution

Providing extensive flexibility for both the instructor and trainee in the organising and participating in CPR training programs, Brayden Online’s Self-Directed Learning solution allows for self-learning, self-assessment, certification, integration with your Learning Management System (LMS), data management and so much more…

CPR training that’s cost and time efficient

Instructors can tailor their own CPR training protocol as required by their institution, analyse all aspects of CPR performance and fully manage their CPR training programs in an organised and systematic way.

Anytime, anywhere CPR training

Trainees can plan their CPR training according to their own schedules and can practice as often as they need. They can see real-time feedback of their CPR as they perform it and can later analyse their performance at their own pace to determine how to improve.

Detailed analysis that’s easy to interpret

We needed a Self-Directed Learning system for nursing staff to perform CPR – BLS tests independently and without guidance from a instructor. The test results needed to automatically flow into our Hospital Learning Management System, which was why we partnered with Innosonian and chose the Brayden system. It perfectly matched our needs.

Sylvain Haekens

Head of Training & Development Ziekenhuis Oost, Limburg Hospital, Genk at Belgium

How do you want to run your training programs?

Self-directed Learning

Self-learning, self-assessment, certification, integration with your Learning Management System (LMS), data management.

Remote Classroom

Run your CPR classes remotely through a live video stream while still accessing full metrics of trainee CPR performance.

Community Training

A portable, stand-alone training system that’s easy to set up for the independent trainer running small classes.