Training Manikins for
Adult CPR

Learning correct CPR techniques is simple with our range of Brayden resuscitation training manikins.

Whether you are running First Aid training courses in the community or you are a large healthcare provider running BLS training programs for staff compliance requirements, Brayden’s resuscitation manikins and software solutions have been designed to support all aspects of your training programs.

Brayden Pro

An award-winning Adult CPR manikin, which with Brayden Online provides a training system with quantitative, real-time feedback on key CPR parameters. Performance feedback can be reviewed and analysed to help improve the quality of CPR.

Brayden Advanced

Three interrelated sets of LED lights give real-time feedback on CPR performance. Brayden’s advanced sensors, which can be switched to AHA or ERC Guidelines as required, detect and analyse the effectiveness of CPR – compression depth, rate and recoil and quality ventilations.

Brayden Basic

A cost-effective adult manikin for CPR training offering a realistic torso with clearly defined anatomical landmarks. Correct compression depth (>5cm) is audibly confirmed by the click sound within the torso.