Illuminating CPR

The award-winning advanced Brayden CPR training manikin is an innovative and effective way to teach CPR that enables students to learn the ‘how and why’ in an intuitive and easy to understand manner.

It is the first cost-effective resuscitation manikin to provide real-time feedback of CPR performance allowing users to visualise how CPR effects coronary and cerebral blood flows. The Brayden manikin’s indicating lights correspond to CPR performance, thereby allowing for immediate correction and practice of correct CPR techniques.

Brayden Adult Advanced

Brayden OBI is our latest addition to the Brayden CPR manikin family. Available as a complete manikin or a conversion kit for use with your current adult manikins, Brayden OBI allows for inclusivity and diversity within your BLS training programs.

The manikin’s anatomically accurate nasal and mouth features are representative of a black adult male enabling realistic ventilation training.

The Brayden OBI Conversion Kit is a cost-effective solution to make your BLS training programs inclusive and relevant in multicultural communities. The kit includes an adult chest and face skin which are easy to fit and transform your current Brayden Advanced manikin.

Lighting the way to Quality CPR

The light effects to show likely sufficient coronary and cerebral flows is novel and will be an effective stimulus for improving the quality of compressions.

Three interrelated sets of LED lights within the Brayden manikin give real-time feedback on CPR performance. Brayden’s advanced sensors, which can be switched to AHA or ERC Guidelines as required, detect and analyse the effectiveness of CPR – Depth, Rate and Recoil.

The brain will only illuminate with correct compression depth, compression rate and full chest release.

Brayden lights and what they mean...

Real-time feedback that’s quick and easy to interpret.

Did you know....

Brayden Advanced CPR manikins can illuminate up to


compressions with one set of six alkaline batteries!

Need a paediatric CPR manikin?

Two manikins
in one!

Brayden Junior is the ultimate cost-effective and portable solution when conducting both adult and paediatric CPR training in a single teaching session.

Brayden Junior is a simple conversion kit consisting of a face skin, chest skin and spring, which easily transforms your Brayden Adult into a fully Guidelines compliant paediatric CPR manikin.

Technical Specifications

Feature Notes
Type Torso
Display visual flow of blood from the heart to the brain
Chest compression depth and speed measuring sensor
Chest movement with ventilation
Head tilt and Chin lift for opening airway
Airway Disposable
Ribs, Xiphoid
Clicker (Audible feedback)
Carotid pulse
Gastric, distension simulation
Tongue / Teeth
Length 590 mm
Weight 3.1 kg (6.8lb) (including batteries)
Packed weight 5.3 kg (G/W), 4.3 kg (N/W)
Dimensions packed 350 mm x 260 mm x 610 mm
Operating temperature 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
Storage temperature -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Humidity Relative humidity between 5% and 95%
Warranty 2 years (consumables are excluded)
Power Input AC 100 ~ 260V, Output DC 9V 1ABattery AA type 1.5V (6 batteries)
Other specifications Four-pack available

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