“We envision Brayden Online as a catalyst for easy and effective CPR training.”

Jeong-hoon Lee
CEO WeComet



In a groundbreaking partnership, WeComet (South Korean Brayden Distributor) and Severance Hospital are transforming CPR training with the revolutionary system by Innosonian, ‘Brayden Online’. This self-directed CPR training service is set to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals learn life-saving techniques.

Brayden Online utilizes mobile apps and cloud server platforms to empower trainees with flexible, self-directed CPR learning. Real-time feedback and a scheduled reservation system ensure immediate correction and continuous improvement.

Severance Hospital, a leading institution in South Korea, has embraced this cutting-edge solution as its first Korean customer. Together with WeComet, they are setting a new standard for CPR education, enabling medical staff to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies.

WeComet’s commitment to public CPR awareness is evident through the ‘Brayden Learning Center’, affiliated with the Korea Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Association. Their expertise has benefitted various organizations, including the National Fire Administration, Korean Red Cross, and Ministry of Education affiliates.

Jeong-hoon Lee, CEO of WeComet, envisions ‘Brayden Online’ as a catalyst for easy and effective CPR training, empowering individuals to save lives effortlessly.

Discover ‘Brayden Online’ and embark on your CPR learning journey with Severance Hospital, Innosonian and WeComet leading the way.