With less than 30% of Malaysians trained in CPR,  Red Crescent, are committed to make life-saving skills accessible to build a safer, prepared community ready to help anyone who may suffer a cardiac arrest.


On October 14, 2023, Vital Four Medical, the sole distributor of Brayden CPR manikins in Malaysia, joined forces with Red Crescent Batu Pahat District VAD 140 and Red Crescent VAD JH PBS 140 Batu Pahat District to launch the transformative MyCommunity AED and Mass CPR program. Local leaders, including Member of Parliament YB Tuan Haji Onn Bin Abu Bakar, endorsed this pivotal event. 

The event drew 100 community members, showcasing Vital Four’s commitment to community well-being. Attendees received hands-on CPR training using Brayden CPR manikins, generously donated by Vital Four, providing real-time feedback for enhanced performance.

Recent statistics reveal that less than 30% of Malaysians have received CPR training, emphasizing the urgent need for initiatives like MyCommunity AED and Mass CPR.  

At the heart of Vital Four’s mission is a commitment to increasing public awareness of CPR. As the authorized distributor of Brayden CPR manikins, the company’s partnership with Red Crescent reflects a continuous dedication  to building a healthier society.

The launch of MyCommunity AED and Mass CPR by Vital Four and Red Crescent marks a transformative step in community health. By providing extensive training and donating state-of-the-art Brayden CPR manikins, this initiative goes beyond an event—it’s a journey toward building a resilient and informed community.