The professional standard for Infant CPR training

Brayden Baby Pro

Developed in close co-operation with global experts, Brayden Baby Pro takes infant CPR training and assessment to the next level. Based on the award-winning, Brayden Baby Advanced, when used in conjunction with Brayden Online, here is a training system that has been designed to meet the needs of CPR instructors and trainees in a variety of educational settings.

Intuitive feedback for improved infant CPR performance

Real-time, objective feedback on crucial CPR parameters via the Brayden Baby CPR manikin’s connection to Brayden Online makes for a truly immersive and retentive learning experience.

Performance feedback can be reviewed and analysed to help improve the quality of CPR both at an individual and organisational level.

Brayden Baby Pro is available to use with Brayden Online via iOS (iPad) and Chrome.

Am I doing it right?

The Brayden Baby Pro CPR training manikin provides real-time feedback that’s easy to interpret, easy to implement and will improve the quality of CPR… immediately!

Compression depth * Rate / Per Time

Helps the trainee to perform compressions at the correct depth, rate (speed) and with the correct recoil between compressions.

Compression depth * Rate / In Overal

Allows all chest compression per cycle to be viewed to help encourage consistent and correct compressions.

Hand Position

Provides real-time feedback of hand position and provides an indication (red light) when hand position is incorrect.

Ventilation Volume

Allows real-time feedback of ventilation performance with regard to correct volume of air delivered.

Brayden Pro appears to have the potential to change the way basic life support (BLS) skills are taught, assessed and maintained in both healthcare professionals and those who require these skills as part of their professional responsibilities. Brayden Pro’s ability to provide completely objective feedback and assessment will do much to improve the standard of BLS skills delivered.

Dr Carl Gwinnutt

Emeritus Consultant
Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

What do I need to improve?

Multiple debriefing opportunities help improve the development and retention of quality CPR performance.



The FREE Brayden Online iOS App can only be used on an iPad (OS 14 or above) and is available via the Apple Appstore. For current Brayden Online iOS App users, we have a new update (introduced on 11.09.23).


The free-to-use Brayden Online Web Application uses Chrome as an alternative platform to the iOS Application. This can be accessed via: It can be used on Laptops (Windows 10 or higher) or MacBook (Mac OS). It requires Bluetooth 4.1 or higher.


The FREE Brayden Pro Android App is now available again (first available in 2017). It can be obtained via Google Playstore. Now updated, it will work on OS 13 Android devices. Currently, Innosonian has only tested the App on Samsung tablets and phones so, we cannot guarantee it will work on other android devices.

Flexible training options

Brayden Baby Pro, working with Brayden Online, allows multiple practice and assessment options. Trainees can focus on compressions only or ventilations only as required and in line with relevant Guidelines; the AHA infant BLS algorithm (30:2) or the ERC infant BLS algorithm (5 rescue breaths, 15:2).

Comprehensive objective, numeric information is provided by Brayden Online and enables all relevant infant CPR parameters to be assessed to the professional standard.

Ventilations can be practiced with real-time feedback provided on the tablet screen (and manikin) to help optimise performance. This is ideal for respiratory arrest scenarios. A full debrief is provided when completed.

Did you know....

Brayden Baby can also be used for Newborn Life Support (NLS) programs as well as Paediatric BLS.

You can also run an infant cardiac arrest scenario. The manikin’s brachial pulse (left arm) simulates the need for chest compressions on an infant with a bradycardic pulse rate.

How do you want to run your training programs?​

Brayden Online offers extensive functionality with features designed to meet the unique and varied needs of your training programs and organisation’s operational requirements.

From individual skills practice and instructor monitoring to self-directed learning, remote classroom training, assessment and certification, contact us for a full product demonstration.

Self-directed Learning

Self-learning, self-assessment, certification, integration with your Learning Management System (LMS), data management.

Remote Classroom

Run your CPR classes remotely through a live video stream while still accessing full metrics of trainee CPR performance.

Community Training

A portable, stand-alone training system that’s easy to set up for the independent trainer running small classes.

Technical Specifications

Feature Notes
Type Full Body
Display visual flow of blood from the heart to the brain
Chest compression depth and speed measuring sensor
Chest movement and visual feedback with ventilation
Head tilt and Chin lift for opening airway
Jaw-thrust maneuver
Airway Disposable
Ribs, Xiphoid
Clicker (Audible feedback)
Carotid pulse
Gastric, distension simulation
Length 550 mm
Weight 1.72 kg (excluding batteries)
Packed weight 4.0 kg (G/W), 3.0 kg (N/W)
Dimensions packed 330 mm x 200 mm x 630 mm
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Humidity Relative humidity between 5% and 95%
Warranty 2 years (consumables are excluded)
Power Input AC 100 ~ 260V, Output DC 9V 1A Battery AA type 1.5V (4 batteries)
ERC & AHA 2020 Guidelines
Commonly available tablet devices(Android & iOS) and web (Chrome)
Wireless (Bluetooth)
Assessment by one tablet devices with 6 trainers (manikins)
Real-time visual feedback for CPR Performance;
  • Compression depth
  • Compression release
  • Compression rate
  • Chest Compression Fraction
  • No. of Compression
  • Finger Position
  • Ventilation Volume
  • Ventilation rate
Overall Performance Feedback
  • Detailed Results(Summary)
  • Overall CPR Event Time, Cycle, Compression, Ventilation
Time Series Chart
Send the result to Trainer

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