R42 Bariatric Manikin


Bridging the gap in bariatric patient healthcare training

The R42 Bariatric Nursing Manikin offers a diverse and inclusive representation of patients addressing the gap in realistic training for bariatric and obese individuals.

It has been designed to support healthcare professionals’ preparedness to care for a broad spectrum of patients, fostering empathy and competence.

Realistic representation

The R42 Bariatric Nursing Manikin represents a 145kg (320 lbs) female patient. From paramedic and EMS moving and handling scenarios to the operating room and the ward, its lifelike features provide an accurate training experience for quality patient care along the complete patient pathway.

Advanced Airway Management

Allows for the practice of intubation with chest rise ensuring that healthcare professionals are well-prepared for various difficult airway scenarios. The manikin’s airway will take an endotracheal tube and supraglottic airways such as LMA and Igel.

Urinary Catheterization Skills

This  important feature allows for the realistic practice of catheterization, an essential skill in patient care.

IV Catheterization

Including the ability to give fluid.

Intramuscular Injection Points

Simulates the administering of IM drugs.

Realistic Articulated Limbs

The manikin’s arms and legs simulate the weight and challenges of moving and handling bariatric patients.

Upright Sitting

The manikin can sit upright on a chair allowing for training in patient positioning.

Vomiting Feature

Simulates patient vomiting enhancing training for handling unexpected situations.

Limited Neck Movement

Experience anatomical challenges and learn to adapt care plans for bariatric patients.

The R42 Bariatric Nursing Manikins has been brought to you by Innosonian in collaboration with RIB Productions and the Simulation Collective.