The PHA Citywide Mass Hands-Only CPR Training with Valenzuela Municipality.


The Philippine Heart Association and the Valenzuela City Government have collaborated to provide Hands-only CPR training to the public in Valenzuela City. The event was a response to the high incidence of cardiac arrests in the Philippines, with an estimated 70,000 people experiencing cardiac arrest every year. Shockingly, only 1% of these individuals receive the proper medical attention they need within the first few crucial minutes after experiencing a cardiac arrest.

This is where Hands-only CPR comes in – it is a simple yet effective technique that can be administered by anyone, even without medical training. In fact, studies show that performing Hands-only CPR can double or even triple a person’s chances of survival.

The PHA Citywide Mass Hands-only CPR Training with Valenzuela Municipality was a significant step towards addressing this issue. With thousands of participants trained in Hands-only CPR, more people are now equipped with the skills to potentially save a life in an emergency situation. Defense Technologies Inc – Authorized Philippine distributor for Brayden Manikins – lent their support by showcasing the innovative CPR manikin design. Brayden Manikin’s realistic simulation design was particularly popular as people were able to practice chest compressions for real-life emergencies.

Overall, the event was a success and highlights the importance of taking proactive measures to ensure community safety and health.