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The R42 bariatric manikin

"Healthcare professionals continue to face significant challenges in caring for bariatric patients. Beyond the physical demands of moving and assisting larger individuals, there are the psychological and emotional aspects of care that bariatric nursing must uniquely address."

In a healthcare landscape increasingly challenged by the surge in obesity rates, the need for specialized training for bariatric care is more pressing than ever. Bariatric nursing, a field that has evolved out of necessity, demands a nuanced approach that conventional training methods often struggle to provide.

This initiative is designed to encourage public participation in CPR training and enhance the skills of clinical staff, ultimately aiming to save more lives.

The Historical Context of Bariatric Nursing

Evolution of a Specialized Field

When obesity first began its rapid ascent to a global health crisis, the medical community was ill-equipped to address the unique needs of obese patients. In response, bariatric nursing emerged as a distinct and vital specialty within the broader nursing field.

The complexities associated with obesity – from the increased risk of chronic conditions to the challenges of mobility and daily care – demanded a cadre of nurses specifically trained to provide effective support and treatment.

Challenges and the Need for Specialized Skills

Healthcare professionals continue to face significant challenges in caring for bariatric patients. Beyond the physical demands of moving and assisting larger individuals, there are the psychological and emotional aspects of care that bariatric nursing must uniquely address.

The need for specialized skills in bariatric care is underscored by the continued persistence of the obesity crisis and its influence on an array of healthcare settings.

The Current State of Bariatric Nurse Training

Assessment of Existing Training Programs

Current training programs for bariatric nursing vary widely but often share one common limitation. They struggle to provide the depth and breadth of practical experience that nursing students and professionals require. This often results in a ‘trial by fire’ scenario, where knowledge and skills are first honed in stressful, real-life situations with potentially serious consequences.

The emergence of simulation-based training has offered a promising solution to the challenges of bariatric nurse training. By providing a controlled environment that closely mirrors real patient interactions, simulation enables nurses to practice skills and face scenarios they may not commonly encounter.

How Bariatric Nurse Training Manikins Can Help

Across the medical sector at large, the use of accurate and realistic training manikins has been shown to have significant positive effects. They allow for a significant improvement in learning outcomes and often result in higher student satisfaction, as well as greater critical thinking, clinical skill performance, and knowledge acquisition.

However, until recently, there has been a distinct lack of realistic bariatric nurse training manikins, which is a significant contributing factor to the insufficient training opportunities we mentioned earlier.

The R42 is an Innovative Bariatric Nursing Manikin

One tool that is making significant strides in this area is the R42 bariatric nurse training manikin.

This manikin is a state-of-the-art training tool specifically designed to emulate the care and handling of a 145kg (320 lbs) female patient. The manikin’s lifelike features facilitate an accurate and immersive training experience, thereby equipping healthcare professionals with the necessary skills to deliver effective care to bariatric patients.

Advanced Airway Management

One of the standout features of the R42 Bariatric Nursing Manikin is its advanced airway management capability. Healthcare professionals can practice intubation with chest rise, preparing them for a variety of airway scenarios.

The manikin can accommodate different types of airway adjuncts such as endotracheal tubes and supraglottic airway devices (King Tube, Igel, LMA), thereby providing a comprehensive training experience.

Above: Supraglottic Airway device.

Modular Wound Assessment

Pressure sores, bed sores, and diabetic necrosis are commonplace issues among bariatric patients. The R42 seeks to accommodate training in these areas by benefiting from accurate wound modules that give learners an insight into the identification and management of different wound types. Whether it’s diabetic necrosis on a patient’s toe or sores occurring in common pressure areas like the buttocks or lower back, the R42 can ensure that staff are fully equipped for these situations.

Above: Wound Assessment – Feet.

Realistic Manoeuvring and Handling

Caring for bariatric patients involves unique challenges, particularly when it comes to transferring patients throughout the care pathway. The R42 Bariatric Nursing Manikin addresses this issue by featuring realistic articulated limbs that simulate the weight and challenges associated with caring for a bariatric patient.

This feature ensures effective training and prepares healthcare professionals for the physical demands of patient care. In addition, the R42 includes articulated movement, allowing learners to experience anatomically accurate positioning during their training.

Above: Articulation of limbs.

Detailed Anatomical Challenges

The R42 Bariatric Nursing Manikin also simulates some anatomical challenges often faced by bariatric patients, such as limited neck movement. This feature enables healthcare professionals to adapt care plans for these patients effectively. In addition, the manikin can sit upright on a chair, allowing professionals to practice correct patient positioning, which is vital in providing optimal care.

Simulating Catheterization

The manikin also serves as a platform for practising essential skills such as urinary catheterization. Furthermore, it is continuously evolving to meet the training needs of healthcare professionals, with upcoming features including the ability to practice intravenous catheterization and simulate the administering of intramuscular drugs.

The R42 Bariatric Nursing Manikin is suitable for various training scenarios, from anesthesia training to moving and handling patients. Its realism fosters empathy, inclusivity, and diversity, offering a holistic approach to patient care.

Incorporate Realistic Bariatric Nursing Manikins Into Your Training Programmes

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