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BRI and Innosonian staff standing beside the BRI CPR kiosk

'In Bradford alone, around 3,300 OoHCAs happen each year, yet only 1 in 13 people survive. These stark statistics underline the critical need for widespread CPR training and public confidence in performing this life-saving procedure.'

As many readers will know, CPR is one of the most crucial life-saving skills that anyone can learn, significantly increasing the chances of survival in the event of a cardiac arrest. In an innovative move, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has recently introduced a new CPR kiosk supported by our Brayden resuscitation manikins.

This initiative is designed to encourage public participation in CPR training and enhance the skills of clinical staff, ultimately aiming to save more lives.

About Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides hospital services for the people of Bradford and communities across West Yorkshire. The 6,500 staff work across several sites to deliver support to a core population of around 500,000, as well as providing specialist services for over 1 million. 

As a teaching trust, they’re also at the forefront of education and development in healthcare in the UK and have an excellent reputation for research performance.

Why the Trust has Launched the New Kiosk

Cardiac arrests are a significant public health issue, with approximately 60,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OoHCAs) occurring annually in the UK. Of these, around half are witnessed by a bystander. Effective CPR can more than double survival chances in this instance.

In Bradford alone, around 3,300 OoHCAs happen each year, yet only 1 in 13 people survive. These stark statistics underline the critical need for widespread CPR training and public confidence in performing this life-saving procedure.

How the Trust is Aiming to Broaden CPR Training

Recognising the importance of equipping the public with essential life-saving skills, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has taken a proactive step by installing a CPR kiosk at the main public concourse of Bradford Royal Infirmary.

The kiosk is designed to provide hands-on CPR training to patients, visitors, and Trust colleagues, fostering a community equipped to act in emergency situations.

What Does the Kiosk Involve?

The CPR kiosk features a high-tech Brayden resuscitation manikin that utilises the innovative LED system to display when chest compressions are performed correctly. This visual feedback ensures that users can immediately see whether they are administering CPR effectively, restoring breathing and circulation in someone whose heart and breathing have stopped.

The kiosk also makes use of Brayden Online to benefit people taking part in self-directed CPR training. Brayden Online provides impartial, consistent feedback in the form of an App that enables people to assess their own performance using quantifiable data.

Advanced CPR Kiosks for Clinical Staff

In addition to the public-facing CPR kiosk, the Trust has also introduced advanced CPR kiosks for mandatory training of clinical staff. These advanced kiosks allow staff to take online theory tests and perform self-assessments. This, in turn, allows the resus team to focus on more advanced training topics, ensuring that clinical staff are well-prepared to respond to emergencies.

How the NHS is Already Using Brayden Products

We’re delighted that Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has decided to use Brayden products in their new CPR kiosk. Working with the NHS is something that we at Innosonian are proud to do, and we have a proven track record of doing so.

Darent Valley Hospital Trust and Brayden Online

Darent Valley Hospital Trust, part of the Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, has successfully integrated Brayden Online with its Learning Management System (LMS). This integration has led to significant improvements in CPR training efficiency and effectiveness.

Key Achievements Include:

  • Efficiency gains and potential savings: The integration could potentially save around 11,000 clinical hours annually, translating into an estimated financial benefit of £175,000 per year.
  • Improvement in compliance rates: The hospital saw an 11% improvement in overall compliance in the six months following the integration of Brayden Online.
  • Enhanced training accessibility and flexibility: Staff can complete eLearning and practical training using 24/6 self-service resuscitation manikins linked to the LMS.

It’s Resulted in Widespread Recognition

The Trust’s innovative use of Brayden Online earned them the Silver Award in the ‘Best Learning Platform Implementation’ category at the Learning Technology Awards 2023. This award recognises the successful implementation of a learning platform that meets clearly defined organisational needs and achieves demonstrable benefits.

Kevin Mackie, Consultant in Medical Education, praised the system, stating, “Brayden Online has significantly improved CPR performance and competency among our trainees. The real-time feedback and visual cues are invaluable in ensuring that our staff are well-prepared to respond effectively in emergency situations.”

We are confident that the CPR kiosk at Bradford Royal Infirmary will be a resounding success, reflecting the benefits of Brayden manikins and strengthening the chain of survival.

Brayden is an Ideal Solution for Self-Directed Learning

Intuitive Manikins

With their unique LED lighting system, Brayden Manikins enable users to assess the quality of their CPR throughout the learning process. Not only is this feedback instantaneous, but it’s also intuitive and easy for learners to identify with. With a full range of manikins, including Baby, Junior, and Adult models, Brayden can support any CPR training needs.

Objective Feedback

Brayden Online is an innovative CPR training app that links to the Brayden Pro manikin. It offers real-time feedback, visual cues, and a peer-reviewed intelligent scoring system. These features simplify and streamline the training process, making it more effective and accessible.

It provides:

  • Real-time feedback on compression depth, rate, and release, ensuring trainees perform CPR within the recommended guidelines.
  • Visual feedback on ventilation volume, speed, and frequency.
  • Peer-reviewed intelligent scoring system to review performance and provide scores based on compression and ventilation accuracy.

For more information on our products, feel free to browse our website. Alternatively, get in touch with us today.

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